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Graillon Area

The Graillon area is a hidden gem locates inside the Golf of Juan les Pins at the end of west coast of Cap d’Antibes. It is right next to the prestigious Hotel Cap Eden Roc. Well hidden from the road, this peaceful place is away from the busy crowd and traffic in the town centre. This is one of the most natural untouched parts of the Alpes Maritimes coast. It is part of the coastal path of Cap d’Antibes.

graillon cap d'antibes

Our dive centre locates directly on the beach under the shades of pine trees. Surrounded by rocks and turquoise water, the beach is nice for a short rest. You could enjoy a splendid view of the golf and Lérins islands on the rocks. The appointment and departure of the boat both take place at the Graillon.

High on the hill behind our dive centre, you’ll find the Batterie du Graillon. This museum is transformed from an old military defence built in the 18th century. The defence was enforced by Napoleon III in the 1863s in order to enhance the surveillance over the Golf of Juan and the Lérins islands.

The dive site right off the shore is rated as one of the 100 most beautiful dive sites in the Côte d’Azur. It covers 10 000 m² on the sea which is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling. Sheltered by the rocks, this site is protected from the waves most of the time. It is well-known among the individual divers as it allows a shore dive to maximum 18 meters. A large part of the dive area goes from 2 to 6 metres deep, which is also perfect for beginners.

graillon cap d'antibes cote d'azur

The dive site is full of life. The well-protected posidonia provides a natural habitant for the marine life.  
Drop-offs, pinnacles, rocks, aquatic plants, algea, sand, caves and cavities, ensure the biodiversity of this area.
Most of the Mediterranean fauna and flora can be seen during your first dive. Saupes reproduce and grow up here. They often wander around in groups from 1 meter deep. Schools of breams move around the rocks. Several groupers rest peacefully around the cavities. Octopus, the camouflage master, is not difficult to meet with. Sapphire blue baby damselfish with their scissors-shape tails are very easy to be recognized. Colourful nudibranchs could often be spotted during scuba diving. If you’re lucky, you could probably come across a cuttlefish To see the pipefish or the anemone shrimps, more experience will be necessary as they’re small and well hidden.

graillon cap d'antibes cote d'azur

There was also a small original shipwreck. This ship carried tiles for the restoration of the batterie du Graillon.
DNowadays, the ship is mostly destroyed due to strong waves but the tiles still scatter on the flat ground around 15 meters deep.

Cannot wait to explore this wonderful place? Check out your introductory dive and feel free to contact us.

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