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Training Programme for Children

For whom?

This training is suitable for young adventures who wish to discover the underwater world from 8 to 12 years old. They learn to prepare themselves, communicate underwater, move around and meet with different species of fishes.
scuba dive for children at Antibes It trains their physical coordination, increases their knowledge, cultivates their environment protection sense and opens a brand new world for them to go on exploring. Côté Plongée is happy to accompany them. Every year, we train many children to dive for individuals as well as for school camps. We are trusted by parents and by schools since 2000.

Minimum age for this course is 8 years old.


By the end of the course, the young diver will receive his/her certificate.


Courses are specially designed for children. By completing “Aqua missions”, they learn to dive safely.

Our instructors are experienced and have great sense of responsibility in training young adventurers. They’re fun and easy going. They teach the children some simple theory for them to understand how that we could go around underwater. They explain to them how the marine life behaves. They let the young divers understand the importance of protecting the environment.

group d'enfant

Maximum depth is 6 meters depending on the age. We avoid taking children to dive deep. We don’t need to go deep to see marine life. What counts is the quality of the dive site. And we don’t necessarily need to go deep to observe the marine life.

We have prepared children size equipment to make their diving easier. Small tanks, children-size wet suit, BCD and fins are available.

This course includes 6 dives. Depending on their age, condition and availability, dive schedule could be quite flexible. The course can be done in a few consecutive days or it can be spread out in a longer period.

For the young divers’ health and safety, a medical certificate of no contraindication against scuba divingfrom a scuba diving doctor or a sport doctor issued within one year is required for the enrolment of all training programmes. If you look for a scuba diving doctor in the area, please click here. (Tip: Don’t forget to ask the doctor for 2 copies of medical certificate. As for the enrolment of training course, our dive centre needs to file one original copy.)

A written parental authorization is also required.

children dive at Antibes


We carefully choose the shallower dive sites to adapt to the children. The Crouton area directly from the dive centre is ideal to start with. The water protected from heavy sea gets deeper progressively. This makes the entrance easier and adapts better for younger divers. It also allows their parents to observe their children to evolve in this new environment.


The course is available twice a day at 10am and 15:30pm. Appointment is highly appreciated by phone, by email or why not by a visit to our dive centre.


330€ for a session of 5 classes (all inclusive)
Consult the price here!

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